All of our superb instructors have many years of yoga experience, both as practitioners and teachers. They each have their own special styles and qualities and strive to share the countless benefits yoga with their students. They are all fully qualified and fully insured.

Dee O’Rourke

Dee is a busy mum-of-four who started her yoga journey 20  years ago. After studying with the legendary Marie Quail, she embarked on a yoga voyage of discovery, stretching every style she could find to the limit. She then completed a two-year intensive Iyengar teacher training course with Marion Kilburn. More recently, she completed Levels 1 and 2 (Second Series) Ashtanga Teacher Training with world-famous David Swenson in Edinburgh.

Dee understands the difficulty of trying to integrate exercise into a busy lifestyle, and her maxim is ‘yoga should stretch to fit your needs’. This is especially true during pregnancy (take her word for it). She learned – the hard way – about the huge benefits of yoga breathing and movement during the different stages of pregnancy, labour and recovery. Her DVD,  ‘Labour of Love’, is used and recommended by health professionals all over the world. She has also assisted in several births, putting her theories into practice.

Dee is one of the founders of YogaVillage.


Sorcha Duggan

Sorcha discovered the joy of yoga 20 years ago in university and it has been an essential part of her life ever since. Her personal practice adapted and grew over the years, from Sivananda to Iyengar and Astanga, through pregnancy yoga, eventually coming back to Hatha. Sorcha believes that there is a style of yoga for everyone and every body. She has a deep respect and knowledge of the different styles of yoga and how they promote wellbeing, energy and balance for body, mind and spirit. In 2011 Sorcha completed her 2-year yoga teacher training with Yoga Therapy Ireland, fulfilling her long ambition to share with others the life-enhancing benefits of yoga.


Michelle has been practicing Yoga for over 10 years and has recently begun her journey in sharing her love, passion and the healing power of Yoga. My exploration of Yoga and myself has brought me on a wonderful journey studying with some very special & inspiring teachers around the world from Ireland to India to Australia! And I look forward to many more years of learning. I have practiced many styles and through this have learned and developed an openness in my approach to my practice and my teaching.

I believe Yoga is for everybody, a chance to take time out from the fast paced world outside and go within, an opportunity to enjoy the silence while strengthening, stretching and remembering to have fun, smile and enjoy!

For me it’s truly an honour to facilitate others in tapping into the peace and calmness within while bringing strength, flexibility and healing to the Mind, Body & Spirit.

Sue Porter

Sue Porter trained as a Somatic Educator in India with Living Somatics from 2012-2014. Sue has taught Yoga for over 10 years, training with Irish Yoga Association for 4 year and she is also a Cranio Sacral Therapist bringing all these skills into her classes and workshops.

Somatic Education is a way to relieve chronic muscular pain due to accidents, injuries,surgery, poor posture and emotional stress. It is simple, slow,functional movement that educates through sensory motor awareness. This work is deeply relaxing and is suitable for all fitness levels. ,

Sue believes that in order to relieve physical pain that you need to relieve stress first. One needs to be relaxed for rest and repair to take place.

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Liz Shaw

Liz was introduced to Yoga 15 years ago and Iyengar Yoga in particular a couple of years after that. She began her teacher training in 2012 and is qualified to teach the Iyengar Introductory Level 2 course of Yoga Asanas and Pranayama. As well as regular attendance of classes with Senior Iyengar Teachers here in Ireland, she has studied with many International Teachers such as Firooza Ali and Manuso Manos. She is delighted to have joined the Yogavillage in Dalkey and to be sharing her passion of Yoga !


Jan Duffy is a yoga teacher and doula who has helped hundreds of Irish women use yoga in pregnancy and childbirth. She is certified in a range of classes for women, from prenatal to post-natal and pelvic floor, and she trains other teachers in yoga for pregnancy. She regularly leads active birth workshops for pregnant women and their partners, and has served as a doula for 12 moms in the last four years.

Jan’s philosophy comes from personal practice and from studying with great teachers. Jan relied on yoga to recover fully from neck surgery in 2000, and to birth her baby daughters at home. She passionately believes in yoga as a tool for fearless birthing and as a support for emotional wellbeing. Jan completed her initial and post graduate training with YTI, her prenatal training at Kripalu, and Mom & Baby yoga training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. She has studied with Tias Little, Max Strom and Paul Grilley among many others. She is a member the Doula Association of Ireland, and is trained in hypnobirthing.