Upcoming yoga retreat to Italy, May and October 2014

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Are you in need of a break? From your life, routine, housework, kids, school lunches and all the other humdrum things that eat away at your time? How does waking up every morning to a sumptuous breakfast, followed by a stroll through an olive grove and a swim in a sky-blue pool sound? Interested? This coming May and October, I’ll be taking a group of 20 on another yoga retreat  to Sabina in beautiful Umbria, Italy. The weeklong holiday features four hours of yoga and dance daily, the best vegetarian food you’ll ever eat, and plenty of downtime to chat, have a massage, walk or hang in a...

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Workshop with Granville Cousins (April 26, 2014 – 10am to 4pm)

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The practice of Yoga has many facets. From the classical static forms of practice, usually known as Hatha Yoga, to the more dynamic forms associated with Astanga yoga. Both ways of practice are valid and appeal to the different needs and aims of the practitioner. yogAsana is not a new form or style of practice . It is a traditional method to still the thought process and open up energy pathways thereby achieving a peaceful and happy state of mind. It is a way of clearing the clouds of the mind so that we can once again bathe in the radiance of our own sunlike mind.. In order to move towards...

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