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YogaVillage provides a full range of yoga classes in a variety of different styles to all ages and levels in the heart of Dalkey.

Dee, one of YogaVillage’s founders, is committed to providing teaching of a very high standard, and all our teachers have excellent qualifications. We aim to make yoga accessible and enjoyable for all.

YogaVillage is located on St Patrick’s Road, Dalkey, County Dublin, opposite Idlewidle Café and next to Kelly’s Design and is easily accessible by car, bus or DART.

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: Yoga Styles

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Level 1
  • Yoga for Beginners
  • Relax and Enhance Meditation
  • Slow Moving Yoga


Level 2
  • Ashtanga
  • Vinyasa Open
  • Hatha Flow
  • Flow4Life


Level 3
  • Vinyasa Flow


All Levels
  • Yoga for Runners & Athletes
  • Yoga for All
  • Friday Yoga


Yoga For the Whole Family
  • Yoga Kids
  • Yoga for Teens
  • Mum & Dad Baby Yoga

Workshops & Yoga Retreats

Magnificent views

Magnificent views


Upcoming yoga retreat to Italy, May and October 2014

Are you in need of a break? From your life, routine, housework, kids, school lunches and all the other humdrum things that eat away at your time?

How does waking up every morning to a sumptuous breakfast, followed by a stroll through a

n olive grove and a swim in a sky-blue pool sound? Interested?

This coming May and October, I’ll be taking a group of 20 on another yoga retreat  to Sabina in beautiful Umbria, Italy. The weeklong holiday features four hours of yoga and dance                                                                                                          daily, the best vegetarian food you’ll ever eat, and plenty of downtime to chat, have a massage, walk or hang in a hammock reflecting on your life.

If taking it easy doesn’t appeal to you, you can also avail of the many trips on offer to Rome and nearby sites and towns of interest. Torri, a medieval village with barely 1,000 residents, is about 3km away – just right for a morning stroll.

Last year, we explored our inner diva and dancer, and kept the local wildlife awake with lots of very loud music and laughter. A group of stressed-out hens arrived off the plane… and returned home as fully-plumed, graceful Yoga-swans. (Ok, that might be a BIT of an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.)

So when is it? May 3rd-10th and October 11th-18th. We fly to Rome and then take a car or the train into the Umbrian hills.

Cost: a single room is €1,300 or €1,000 if sharing.

prasrita on deck Italy

Here is what some students said after last year ,

Sabina, in Italy, October 2013. From the moment we drove through the beautiful gates, we were embraced and nurtured by our hosts there, and by our wonderful Dee.  The ambiance, camaraderie, delicious organic food, early walks on the dewy grass to glorious yoga at the stunning sunsets, made for a pretty perfect week.  There was no need to travel far from Sabina… we had everything there to nurture mind and body. Both came together as one whether on the mat or breaking bread. We mindfully made our way through the finely tuned variations that Dee can bring to morning and evening sessions.  I smile when I think about returning. Catherine Crothers .

“The most magical retreat.we had a fabulous trip beautiful location,top of the range re generating yoga,delicious food,lovely group of people,lots of laughs and deep moments!Great weather,all in all a perfect trip.Thanks Dee

Karen Finnegan.


Kitchen in Italy




Yoga platform

Yoga platform




January Juice and Detox (four days from  28th-31st)

Join us for a super energizing week of yoga, dance, breathing for detox and lots more. After the class you will be given a juice and encouraged to stay detoxing all day every day. It’s  €25 a day or € 85 for the full course. Limited availability.

Granville Cousins April 26th 10-4pm .

Granville teaches Yoga Classes and Workshops in the Manchester area of the UK. He has practiced yoga for over 40 years and studied with Yogacara Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar at the Ramamani Institute in Pune, India, and the late Derek Ireland at The Practice Place in Crete. He teaches yogAsana and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Classes also on a private basis in Manchester and the Rochdale areas. Amongst his clients are sports oriented individuals and groups from the fields of Football, Tennis, Cricket, Golf etc. He also leads Yoga Holidays and Workshops in such countries as Ireland, Turkey, Portugal, Tobago, Jamaica, Sri Lanka and the Middle East, in fact wherever he is invited.

By attending his classes you will benefit from his many years of experience working with people interested in physical well-being, sports people and those who would like to go deeper into the more spiritual aspects of yoga practice.


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